Acne Scar Treatment Glasgow - Skinology
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Acne Treatment Glasgow

At Skinology, we offer acne treatments and other courses to help with facial blemishes. We’re the premier skincare clinic in Glasgow, offering clients the best available courses for acne to help you regain confidence and freshen up your skin. Acne is the most common skin condition which inflicts both adults and children, and we understand how impactful the condition can be on confidence and self-esteem. Our experienced team of skincare professionals can work with you to determine the best path forward to clearer, fresher skin. With a range of different treatment options for different types of acne, our Glasgow-based clinicians will be able to help you, whatever condition you happen to be in.

Types of Acne

Of the main groupings of acne, there are two which must be stated first: inflammatory and noninflammatory. Of course, while both can be severe and debilitating, inflammatory acne can impact lives much more. At Skinology, we treat both inflammatory and noninflammatory acne as well as the scars left behind.

Of the different subgroupings of acne, the most common are:

• blackheads
• whiteheads
• papules
• pustules
• nodules
• cysts

The team of experienced skincare professionals at Skinology can work with you to help you to understand the causes of your acne, which subtype you have, and how to best treat the causes and symptoms of acne. The Skinology team are experts in dermatological concerns and will be able to help you to treat your acne and give you back the confidence and self-esteem that you deserve.

Call our team today on 07368416500 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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